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2020 Election: Tax and Legislative Implications for Investors & Startups

Join the Pasadena Angels for this special lunchtime webinar on Thursday 10/22/20 at 12 pm PDT. Presented by Northern Trust and Zaller Law. This is a special #ConnectWeek2020 event in partnership with Innovate Pasadena.

Register here-

This webinar will focus on the impact of the election on Federal and California taxes and will address key California legislation that will impact startups and small businesses. There will be ample time for discussions and Q&A with participants.

Our presenters will discuss the new employment laws passed in California during the 2020 legislative session and address the other laws on the Federal and local levels facing California start-ups and small businesses during this unprecedented time.

The webinar will cover current employment laws facing California employers and update on additional COVID-19 related leave laws. Topics will include:

- COVID-19 paid leave laws for California employers for the rest of 2020 and outlook into 2021: Such as AB 685 requiring employers to notify workers of potential exposure to COVID-19 and SB 1159 that creates a presumption that a covered worker’s COVID-19 is work-related and covered under workers compensation

- Leave Bills: Expansion of the California Family Leave Rights Act (CFRA) to cover employers with 5 or more employees

- Wage and hour bills: Exceptions to the ABC test for independent contractors

- Reminder of compliance with state sexual harassment training requirements for employers with 5 or more employees

- Minimum wage increases in 2021

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