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Pasadena Angels is excited to announce an investment in Essenvia

Pasadena Angels is excited to announce an investment in Essenvia, a software company focused on minimizing the burden of regulatory submission management for the medical technology industry. Pasadena Angels participated in the $4 million Pre Series A Round along with deal leads Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV) and Wavemaker360.

Soumya Mahapatra and Basant Sahoo founded Essenvia in 2019 with a mission to solve a frequent, high-impact problem that medical device teams face when completing MedTech regulatory submissions to governing bodies such as the FDA. With changes in regulatory information occurring often and delaying bringing products to market, MedTech teams need a streamlined platform to complete their submissions in a timely, efficient manner. Essenvia boasts a 100% acceptance rate among submissions completed using its solution, saving these teams valuable time and money.

Pasadena Angels joins previous investors, First Rays, Arka Venture labs, Rebright Partners, The Founder Institute, and Expert DOJO. We look forward to being part of Essenvia’s journey!

Read the press release here.


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