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The Pasadena Angels is committed to helping forward-thinking innovators, creators and entrepreneurs with the mentorship and funding to fuel success.


Small businesses are major engines of economic growth and the cornerstone of emergent technologies, requiring capital and guidance during the critical early phases of the venture.


We offer early-stage companies an opportunity to harness the insights and experience of more than a 100 successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, technologists and skilled professionals from a diverse set of industries. PA is also an affiliate of the Tech Coast Angels (TCA) network which affords entrepreneurs the ability and efficiency to potentially pitch to a group of more than 500 members throughout the robust Southern California start-up ecosystem using the same application as well as syndication opportunities throughout the country.


Our mission is to create a unique investment community of successful business and professional leaders helping to identify promising start-up ventures and providing the capital and counsel necessary for success. We have invested more than $75 million dollars of early-stage capital in 195 companies in Southern California.  Our investments range from $100K up to $1.5 M in early-stage and seed funding. Additionally, we partner with a network of venture capital firms and angel investment groups through syndication to help support companies seeking $1M or more in funding.


As a nonprofit entity, our members invest individually and directly, making a personal commitment to your company. We review all business plans and provide feedback without charge to all companies who apply. Those that we believe have a significant potential for success and the potential to benefit from an association with us are invited to present to our membership at a monthly breakfast meeting. Pasadena Angels, Inc. does not invest directly or act as an investment agent.


We would like to invite you to review our site to learn how we can be a fit for your company. Should you decide to apply for funding through us, you will find the steps simple and straightforward. Scores of applicants complete our screening process annually and gain access to our counsel for insights into business strategies that are achievable and fundable, while taking opportunity to connect with individuals and through them the broader venture capital community of Southern California.

We don’t just invest in companies. We invest in the people who create them.


"Being funded by the Pasadena Angels was amazing. There was so much more that they brought to the table: the expertise, the knowledge, the contacts ... I'm not sure where we would be today without their support."

~ Rick Stollmyer, Founder & CEO of MindBody Software

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