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There are a lot of great Angel Funding opportunities in Southern California. Each organization utilizes different processes for the funding process.

Pasadena Angels

I have listed below five reasons to bring your deal to the Pasadena Angels.

1) Mentorship: When you submit a deal to our group we select one of our accomplished members to discuss your business with you. The initial conversation will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and expose your opportunities and threats. If you are fortunate enough to continue through our screening, breakfast selection and due diligence you will have experienced successful people mentor through the whole process. This benefit is provided all free of charge. The companies that are funded usually have a Pasadena Angel board member to help advise them.

2) Transparency and feedback. As your business is vetted through the process we will provide insight on our group’s evaluation of your plan and organization. We emphasize key metrics and potential strategies and tactics that may make your plan more robust.

3) Continued relationships: Our members constantly keep in touch with the applicants whether they continue through the process or not. We have an excellent record of bringing back companies to the process who have implemented changes that we recommended. In addition many of our companies return to us for follow up funding.

4) Professionalism: Our unique group of individuals pride themselves on working with all of our applicants in a professional and respectful manner. You will be treated fairly, honestly and professionally

5) Results: Over the past 10 years we have funded over 65 companies with 25 million dollars

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