Should you meet our Funding Criteria, we invite you to submit your application online. Typically, we will contact you about your application within 1-3 weeks, and may request additional information.

Your application materials will then be reviewed. Companies that fit the overall investment interests and goals of our members will be selected to pitch to a Pre-Screening Panel. 

As part of Pasadena Angels' monthly funding cycle, 5-6 companies are invited after the Pre-Screening Panels to pitch at our Screening Meeting. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month. From this group of entrants, we will invite the top two companies to present to our entire membership at our monthly Breakfast meeting on the first Wednesday of each month.

Your presentation to our full membership at our Breakfast meeting will include an initial Q&A with interested members. The following week, potential investors will then begin due diligence by taking a closer look at your business plan, projections, track record and background.

When the due diligence process is completed, interested members from our group will collaborate with you on deal terms to align on those being offered and/or potentially suggest changes. present a term sheet outlining suggestions for the investment deal, using industry standard terms and provisions.

If all parties decide to move forward, the work begins to finalize the deal and execute to a closing. As the process for each company is unique, the collaborative work we’ll do together depends on open lines of communication and teamwork to achieve success.

Our Monthly Process